We are local surf professionals with over 10 years of surf coaching experience. We are so proud of our Balinese heritage and want to show you what makes this island such a happy special place!

Retreat itineraries are built around our insider’s knowledge of the best waves and best travel adventures on the islands, while trying to avoid the tourist traps.

Although we provide an action-packed schedule, you are free to do as much or as little as you want. Aside from surfing, relaxation is your main priority. Let us take care of the rest!


Island Vibes is owned and run by locals who live and surf in Bali every day. Our surf coaches are experts with over a decade of professional surf coaching experience. Each morning, we choose the best surf spots for your ability level based on intimate knowledge of the surf breaks, tides and weather conditions. We provide individual instruction during each surf session to ensure that you see real progression in your surfing!


Island Vibes was born out of our love for showing guests the best hidden secrets of Bali. We love introducing people to our ancient traditions, widespread artistic culture, and the beautiful Hindu rituals and ceremonies that are woven into the fabric of our society.

One of the things visitors may notice about Bali is that the locals are smiling all the time! The Balinese believe that a smile and positive thinking are the keys to a happy life; we try to maintain optimism and calm under all circumstances. This is our collective consciousness and the positive spirit that it generates is actually contagious. Let us show you to our way of life and the island vibes that make Bali so unique.