Surf Lessons in Canggu, Bali

Are you looking for a surf lesson in Bali? Look no more!

We are local surf professionals with over 10 years of surf coaching experience. We are passionate about surfing, excited about teaching and dedicated to provide the best surf experience ever!

Whether you’ve never surfed before and this will be your first lesson, or you’re more experienced and you want to catch better/bigger waves – we got you covered!

What people are saying:

Let s make it clear. If there is a perfect surf teacher, that s Izzy.
I had 3 classes before with 3 other guys, and they did so much wrong to me, never corrected me the right way. Izzy makes efforts to really get close to you as a friend so you feel like surfing with a friend with him, not with a teacher, he gets you step by step into techniques, surfing attitude (FairPlay) , surfing culture, tide behaviour , feel of the waves, it s like a school in one man. Your safety is his priority, like really, he always know where you are, in what position, what moves are wrong even when he s not watching you directly. He s all the time with you, so in the end you really feel comfortable even with the huge waves. He will never take you to the next level waves unless you re prepared, and he s pushing you hard to get prepared. So if you ask me what were the most perfect moments of my life, for sure this Izzy Classes will be somewhere in between. Keep up the good work man, I m proud of you, and cya next year, at the green waves ofc :) !
Mihail Pautov

Izzy Rizal is my man. Was taking lots of lessons from him during my numerous getaways to Bali. He knows my progress better than me, seriously he always remember which board I used 2 months before and which mistakes I made. I can surely say you’ll be good friends with him after first surf lesson. Good luck buddy in you new endeavor!

Alexander Ryazanov

I recently had a surf lesson with Izzy and he was the best coach ever! He was very professional and helped me get a much better understanding of the waves and surrounding area. He helped me catch the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed and made it fun and safe! If you are ever in Canggu, come to Batu Bolong and take a lesson from Izzy and step up your surf game!

Amber Parnow

Single surf lesson

  • Awesome surf coach
  • Surfboard included
  • Surf equipment
  • 2 hours lesson

5 lessons package

  • Awesome surf coach
  • Surfboard included
  • Surf equipment
  • 2 hours per session

Surf Trips (lessons, guiding etc.) outside Canggu can be arranged.
The price starts from 550k per person (including pick up and drop off at your accommodation).

This is Izzy, our Head Surf Coach.

Shoot him a direct message on Whatsapp and see you in the water!


A bit more praise

There are reasons why I keep on going back to Bali… and one of them is because of the improvements in my surfing ability thanks to Izzy Rizal. There are a lot of excellent surfers out there but not all of them are great teachers. Izzy is exactly what you would want surf instructor: knowledgeable about waves, currents, tides, and of course all the intricacies of surf techniques (and there are many) plus he’s a pro wave shredder himself. For the true beginner, Izzy will definitely keep you wave-hungry after you first session. For the intermediate surfers, be prepared to put in the hard work and commitment as you will be pushed (there will be A LOT of technique corrections), but that’s what it takes to get to the next level and you will be rewarded with some amazing rides. Safety is Izzy’s top priority and I have never not felt safe with him when I’m out there especially during big sets. So whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned shredder, do yourself a favor and book a lesson (or a few) with one of Bali’s best instructors. You will not be disappointed!

Amy Miao
Izzy is a great teacher and I had the best time ever. Before signing up I panicked and was unsure of whether to join the trip or not, since my surfing is very beginner. But Izzy convinced me to come along and it was the best decision: I learned riding my first green waves and met awesome people, not to mention the delicious food we got to enjoy on Red Island. Don’t hesitate and BOOK your trip! I will for sure book it again once I’m back :)
Andrea Preiswerk

Izzy is a superb teacher, got me from occasionally standing up on a wave to riding a 6 foot wave all the way into shore in 3 days. He made me feel very relaxed in the water and really helped with the technique to improve whilst making it fun and enjoying the water. can’t recommend him enough!

Dominic Rupert Faquhar Martin
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